Intersexual dynamics and tenacious masculinity

Friends With Benefit (Lara)

This is a guest post from Lara of mahogany, a site dedicated everything female. Lara is a young twisted writer with kinky dirty thoughts. When she is not writing, reading and having dirty thoughts she gets her satisfaction by hitting up a blunt, and listening to music.

And because he was her friend as well as her lover, they touched each other in physical and emotional places, he was her only lover. No one would touch her in places she never knew existed neither would she ever succumb to the desires of other men, except one whom she could freely give all her erotic desires to.

And he loved her. Ooh, her laughter reminiscent with friendship, inkling teases with her butt, or a grope of touch in awkward private places. Her soul belonged to him, a flicker of an innocent lash, ready to do his will. Yes, she bowed, when he towered words upon her. Nasty words one would shudder at, yet she bowed and although she was ready to be his slave, she owned him too.

When she makes his body tremble, she lords over his existence, riding him beyond his pleasure peak, her clit grinding against his groin, her boobs dangling as she rode him, while she screamed out obscenities, words that sounded like music when they bounced off her tongue. Expressing love by their bodies devoid of words, fiery passion, fulfilling a sexuality that no words would convey. He was her friend, not the friendship of a lover, but pure friendship, and even if they expressed desire emanating from a lover they tried not to cross either boundaries.

He had beautiful fingers, long but not lean. He rolled the blunt, with three fingers of each hands in between the grass and folded rizzler, and straddled the tip of his beards over the rizzler with utmost concentration that had a feeling of nonchalance over it; Beards, those beards had explored every part of her, with strands of hair that knew every part on her body into her soul. And when they inhaled the wafting grasp of air that floated above them, She felt a lasting euphoria.

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