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Using Negatives to make better Pictures (Negs) | Cupidiffy

If used correctly, negative comments can be very powerful in an advantageous manner. Negs are comments directed at comments, that appear nice enough on the surface, but mean spirited in their meaning.
For example, tell a girl she reminds you of your baby sister. We have all heard the saying before, “You’re like a brother to me.” We all know how much of a vibe killer the "brother" word is coming from a female you're attracted to. It's called the "brother zone". Turn the tables on her instead.

Telling the her she reminds you of your baby sister is essentially telling her that she is immature, you are not so into her, and she is a pain in your ass. It depends on how you come across when you say it. If you come across in a fun, joking matter, you are role playing. If you come across saying she reminds you of a sister, therefore you are not attracted to her, it is a neg.

My favorite neg is to tell the women, “You are a really attractive woman, you're just not really the type of woman I date.” The reaction you will get is incredible. She will take it as a challenge. Here is a woman who has been receiving compliments by every guy, and you are the a$$hole that tells her she's not your type!

Instantly you have separated yourself from every other guy. The only way she can redeem herself is for you to find her attractive. By the time she has done so, you have already established s3xual chemistry, broken down all her barrier, and are well on your way to closing.

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