Intersexual dynamics and tenacious masculinity

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It's obvious sometimes we perceive our female counterparts as invincible and void of urges. Meaning, we are alone when it comes to the "sex state of mind". But I put it to you that she's not invincible and has urges as much as we do. She has lustful fantasies, which she tends to be ashamed of due to the stereotype of the society. She secretly wants you to get down there with your mouth, use your fingers, and when necessary, penetrate her with your prick for a little while, and then get busy again with your mouth. But if she said that, she'll be said to be promiscuous. But tell me, what is promiscuity? Maybe all me are promiscuous then.

The sad truth remains that most men only think of themselves during sex. READ: Great sex or No sex. She might like it aggressive and energetic or soft and steady, but you always want to have it your way. Ever tried giving her a chance to take charge and do her thing? Sometimes she wants you to trigger sensations that come from places other than her vagina. Maybe spending a little time kiss her inner thigh is not such a bad idea. Sometimes it's okay to have penetration take a backseat to sensation. Other times she might just want more vocal oral sex, just lying down there listen to you talk that dirty talk with your fingers running from her hair, through her body, and down her spine.

The beauty of fantasies lie in the fact that many are not realized.

Here's a really short list of some things she wants during sex but won't tell you.

    1.  She wants to undress slowly.
When you unwrap a special present, do you go ripping it apart? She wants to be unwrapped like that present, slowly and deliberately, to make things sexier. And it's all for you.

    2.  She wants you to take your time.
She expects you to spend more time teasing her before and during sex. Kissing and touching her all over to make sure she's turned on before sex. Mixing fast and rough passionate emotion with slower, gentle touches.

    3.  She doesn't mind if the sex gets little kinky.
She might like freaky sex, and wants you (her man) to spank that ass, kiss/lick her inner thigh, tie her hands together, and whisper something dirty in her ear while we have sex.”

    4. She what's to explore new sex positions with you.
She sometimes wishes you would surprise her with some hot positions different from your normal routine, she's probably bored of missionary and doggy style. And wants you to put her legs on your shoulders, or pick her up and take her to the kitchen and fuck her on the kitchen table.

    5. She wants you to go down on her.
She loves it when her man gets down on her, especially if he knows what he’s doing. Kiss a trail from her neck all the way down, and eat her out. I've met a couple of guys like it when their women goes down south on them, only to say they can't return the favour.

This list doesn't seem to have an end. Women have a fantasies of sexcapades, too numerous to mention on this post. She goes all the way to help you fulfill your own fantasies, it's left for you to be a selfless gentleman and help her fulfill some of hers. You'll be surprised how much fun awaits you.

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