Intersexual dynamics and tenacious masculinity

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Ever wondered why women went total nuts about the 2015 movie "50 Shades of Grey"? Some girl made me see it in 3 different occasions against my wish, just to see the almighty "Christian Grey" thrill. Wait, are we just talking about the movie, because if you never saw a female flicking through the pages of the "50 Shades of Grey" book, you might as well want to tell me about the planet you just arrived from. 50 Shades of Grey explored every woman's $£xual fantasy and left them whether in front of the screen or behind the pages with their libido pumping. Trust me, I totally get what the fuss was all about.
It was a movie/book of the £rotica literature genre, and had the entire female population mesmerized.

Bad news: Not every woman want to be blindfolded, chained up, and spanked.

However, I want you to notice how he (Christian Grey) didn't just jump into having sex with her (Ana). In fauct sex didn't come into the picture till later. Christian took his time to build up Sexual tension with Ana. Sexual tension, a woman is always in the mental anticipation of what might happen. It is her not knowing if she can control herself, and how you are going to seduce her that matters. Leaving her clueless as to how and when you'll make the big move is what makes the experience a thriller. It is not about jumping straight into sex, it is about Ana feeling like Christian really wants her, and building up her expectations.

Sexual tension is the key to "Great Sex", so it's advisable to build as much as possible, before going under the sheets. I'm sure you want her coming back for more, "Great Sex" can achieve that.

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