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No man would pick up a mannequin, not even because of the sleek curves it possesses. Plus the dates will be boring. But that is what an attractive woman thinks most men will settle for. She believes that all she has to do is show up and men will drool. READ: The "Hot Woman" Situation.

It's essential you portray yourself to be a desirable man who seems interested in the unique qualities of a woman and not generically interested in women (mere legs, lips and butts). An attractive woman is very good at figuring out which you care about. She is so obsessed with it that she has developed a habitual deceptive appearance to test you. She wants to know if you will settle for the window dressing or will you demand more.

Surprisingly, showing the proper type of interest is largely a timing issue.

When it comes to Pick-Up, you should be interested. But being too interested is sinful. Especially at the beginning of an interaction. It's okay if she is involved and putting in as much effort as you are. That’s great. You are building a unique interaction together.

But when you simply entertain to hold her attention or  prove your  value you are showing desperate interest. bring it down a notch and leave space for her to show her uniqueness.

Being interesting has its place. But its job is not really to make a woman like you. Its job is to make a woman feel so comfortable and in a good mood that she tells you her jokes and her stories and her adventures. Then she will give you plenty of her unique self to justify being interested in her.

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