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For some reason many men are stingy with their approval. They feel giving it away makes them needy somehow. But your approval is like currency. If you never spend it then it is the same as not having any. Showing your appreciation is how you move your relationship with a woman from strangers to lovers. At each step you show a new level of appreciation.

A woman is turned on by your appreciation for her. She feels appreciated when you tell her you like that dress she wore specially for you. She becomes infatuated when you laugh at her funny dancing. She becomes excited when you find her smile incredibly sexy.

The key to appreciation is that it must appear genuine to her. READ: Genuine Interest Over Desperate Ones. An attractive woman can be unexpressive. Her uniqueness is locked inside. If you appreciate her when she feels she is not putting herself out there than she will devalue you for appreciating her for nothing. For her it takes a bit more. You make her put some effort into putting her uniqueness out there. And then appreciate that.

Your intent when interacting with a woman is not to win her approval or push the interaction along. Your intent is to coax her real self out so you can show genuine appreciation.

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