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Building rapport is essential, as very few females would jump into kissing a total stranger. Even for a night stand rapport has to be built. The only difference being the time frame in which it's built. Rapport is built by developing mutual trust, friendship, and affinity with someone who used to be a a total stranger. It's beneficial in various aspects of life. Building rapport can start with something as simple as a wink & "hello" to start up a conversation. READ: Get Her in the Mood.

During these conversations, it's necessary to maintain a healthy eye contact. Staring at lustfully, like checking out boobs & ass will only make you come across as perverted and thirsty. And will make your target uncomfortable. Which is contrary to what you are trying to achieve. A healthy way to keep eye contact is by looking at you target's eyes, which portrays confidence. And everyone agrees that confidence is attractive.

In the course of convo, another way to prepare the target for the kiss is by initiating occasional touches (kino touches). Kino touches have a way of increasing attraction in females. Though, it should be initiated in subtle manner for best results. That way you don't come across as too touchy. Occasional touches can also be systematically used to check if she (the target) is comfortable enough for the kiss. 

Observing your target's body language can not be underestimated as hidden in her body language lies cues to your next step. It has to be initiated from the very start as it guides you from the stage of building rapport to the final stage, "the kiss".

By applying the above tips correctly you are sure to secure the first kiss which in turn makes way for subsequent kisses if done right.

P.S: It is advisable to deal with your bad breath before attempting to kiss your target, as it is a huge turn off your & very few women can stand it.

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