Intersexual dynamics and tenacious masculinity

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Some folks would say that we are genetically predisposed to “alpha” or “beta” roles within interactions. However, there are conscious things you can do to improve your confidence and interaction skills. Making small things add up to large ones. Here are small suggestions. Taken on their own they are insignificant details, but used together, they are a reset of your personality.

    1. Replace the word 'need' with 'want'. You don't NEED a ride to the airport you WANT one. No matter how desperate you are, you want, maybe you like but you never need. Stagger out of the dessert, "I want a glass of water." Own it. Saying ‘need’ only implies there  is a bigger, more important authority behind your request. ‘Need’ is the word of the weak. Instead use the word ‘want’. That says you are important enough to ask for it on your own authority.

    2. Limit modifiers. I’m guilty of this one. I catch myself saying that movie was pretty cool instead of just saying it was cool. We use modifiers when we are afraid to speak in bold colors. In our quest to be exact we only become more imprecise.

    3. Play dumb. There is no profit in being a know-it-all but there is power and fun to be had in being taught to dance, learning a new ideology or being ignorant of the day of week.

    4. Never, ever show jealousy. Be practical and realistic. You may pick her up today but someone else may pick her up tomorrow. Some girls have had two lovers and some have had two hundred. Being upset that you are not more ‘special’ is just wasting the present moment that you and her have together.

    5. You don't need her approval. Care about her, but don't take yourself too seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself. If a girl teases you, laugh. A man who is relaxed and able to take some teasing is s3xy. Don’t try to sell yourself. Instead, enjoy telling stories about your mistakes or most embarrassing moments. No one does this but rock stars who have nothing to prove. Risk being less than perfect. That shows a woman that your interaction with her is not so suffocatingly important to you.

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