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Too much game will only ruin your chances with women, just like too much of everything is considered bad. Yet often times men get carried away with the so-called "game", being so charming that they lose the woman's interest. Women love the thrill, the banter, the teasing, all of that. It's fun, but not when it's out of control. They need something substantial to hold on to or they'll move on.

Introducing yourself by teasing her, telling fascinating stories and your use of those sleek lines can only keep a woman interested for sometime time. It's sad that most men, in their bid to create connection with women, only turn out to entertain them. It's obvious she'll get bubbly and excited. But the amount of ingenuity portrayed by "too much game" coming from you, leaves her dying for you to actually want her, and at the end of the day no connection is achieved. And once you're separated from her, she probably forgets she ever met you. No impression was made, and your magic worked for a short period of time, because she had nothing real to feel connected to. She was simply entertained.

Most men have no problem engaging and approaching women. They get to build up her interest only to destroy it. It would help to understand where these men went wrong, and how they lose her with their so called "tight game". They were obviously so wrapped up in the game that they forgot to be present and connect to the woman in front of them. They have mastered the art of capturing an audience, but they have not learned how to make that audience want more. Which in turn does a lot more harm than good. As a man, you have to give a woman a little more than entertainment to win her heart.

Games are fun in the moment. They are entertaining and get a woman’s heart racing, but once this moment passes, reality sets in and she realizes that with all that game on, you're probably heading for the games-and-sex-with-no-phone-call-the-next-day routine. Busted!!!

Women want to be in control of their own s3xuality and know they are respected even if they are s3xually adventurous and open. Always give a woman something she can cling to. Something she can hold onto that makes her feel that there is more to this than games, banter, and playfulness.

Balance is important. Banter and flirting is fun and exciting, and most women, especially the great ones, will engage in it. However, you must balance the banter with substance or you will find it difficult getting what you want from a woman.

The essential piece to any interaction with a woman is connection. Connection is needed in every situation with a woman. One-night stands, dating, long-term relationships, marriage, and every other possible situation require connection. Without connection, you will never truly have a woman. Even though banter built on sleek lines and routines can be fun, you had better have something else to offer.

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