Intersexual dynamics and tenacious masculinity

THE PULL OUT GAME (Coitus Interruptus) | Cupidiffy

Is it just me, or does every man think of "coitus interruptus" as a self inflicted torture mechanism? Apparently, we have to sacrifice something for the greater good.

Pull out, the withdrawal of the penis from the vagina before ejaculation to prevent pregnancy have men missing out on all of the good stuff associated with reaching complete climax. Thereby interrupting the fun. But who says it's too much of a price to escape baby mama drama, or having your heart in the cloud until she finally finds the period about to go missing?
It is important for a person to be aware of their own sexual response to know when they are about to ejaculate, to effectively carry out coitus interruptus.

This method of pregnancy prevention isn't foolproof, since while sex your pre-ejaculate might contain contain eager sperm cells. And also since you are most likely "skin diving" you're at risk of STDs

So you can either abstain from sex, and miss out completely. Or use a condom and deprive yourself of the additional sensation of "skin diving". What's you choice? What do you think?

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