Intersexual dynamics and tenacious masculinity

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Hot women have been deprived of genuine interest. Guys act creepy and fake around them. They are rarely encountered by men willing to bring to the surface their real potentials. Because all that goes through his mind is "the hit". And trust me, that's a very wrong drive for wooing women. She builds her defenses. Far away from reach, to keep these jerks off.

To make matters worse they are rewarded for being fake, and consequently placed on pedestal of false worship which obviously fades away after "the hit". And she knows her place on the pedestal is temporary, so she enjoys her reward while it lasts. Giving up on the thoughts of genuine interests.

Low self esteem guys are willing to accept any of her behavior just for her looks. They buy her expensive things, and kiss her a$s because they feel lucky just being in her company. She considers their hand outs unfulfilling and shallow. This is not what she want, but what's she supposed to do but conform to this stereotype imposed on her by society? But until a man comes along with enough strength to bring out and reward the real her, she can only take what she can get.

Talking with women is not supposed to be difficult.

Note: The moment you think you need to be more interesting or better you have fallen into a trap.

Hot women are arrongant from excessive attention showered on them by men of low self esteem, and they have a way of making you think that you must be interesting and talk about fascinating things to impress them.

Surprisingly, her ill behavior is a golden opportunity to show some genuine interest. I didn't say being a "yes man" is an option, just because you are genuinely interested in her. It will only portray desperation which will only sour this recipe. Mix tough and sweet, it has a way of making women believe you're sincere. Let her know just because she is hot does not mean she can have higher expectations.

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