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Flirting is nothing but a conversation between two people, in which they drop subtle cues of their attraction to each other. 
A conversation is meant to be fluid in nature, possessing the back and forth flow. Hence, a conversation can not be scripted. You can't plan  to say something, anticipating how your target would respond. What you say is determined by what she says. This way a fluid conversation is maintained. 

The best way to approach a woman is to do so,  with intent of only having a genuine interaction, not getting worked up about the outcome of convo. A bit of role-play, story-telling and a "back and forth" occasional question and answer can get you started for a fascinating interaction with her. 

Here's something to help give you a headstart, when you're out of ideas to get things started. Normally I'll approach a woman and introduce myself, I might just ask an interesting to get things going. Her answer should likely open me into a pretty fluid conversation without having to ask any more direct questions. If she says something funny from the start, I might just enjoy the ride and take it from there. In almost every case, no matter what she says it almost always evokes some life experience that I can relate to her. Seems like a really smooth transition to story-telling, huh? By relating to her through story-telling I'm building a connection.

But since every conversation is a unique one, its hard to say how I'd follow up.Trust me, you want to consider timing, because half the time what separates a really cool story from a horrible one can be as simple as bad timing.

You can also build the right amount of sexual chemistry by initiating Role-play, and my favorite role-play happens to be the boyfriend-girlfriend role play. Here you get to act like you are already dating (but obviously you just met). If played right, this is the coolest thing ever and could get you the Jack-pot sooner than you thought possible. 

Whenever you need a headstart to get the conversation going, you can always rely on your occasional question and answer. But I can't go without saying you need to watch your QnA frequency, so your conversation doesn't seem like an interrogation. All the aforementioned technique (story-telling, role-playing and the QnA) can be put to practice in a matter of minutes. 

NB: Story-telling can be made as short as possible as long as the story told is equipped enough to achieve the set goal, which is to build connection

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