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The gym is a natural place to meet fine ass women, and for the guys looking forward to achieving pick-up-at-the-gym, you just made your luck. This post presents you with 5 tips to earning yourself a date or two with that gorgeous female from the gym. Pick up girls at the gym is not rocket science.
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    1.  Never Interrupt Her Work-out To Introduce Yourself.
Most girls take their workouts as seriously as you do and won't find it interesting being distracted by some strange guy. Plus you come across as thirsty and needy. All you need to is build strong presence, to be noticed. This must be done with subtlety. If you don't want her first impression of you to be that of a "busybody jerk". I know you don't want that. Wait until after her workout is over before actually making a move. You should comment on how you noticed her working out and how much you cherished her dedication to her work-out routine. You'll definitely earn some extra points. READ UP: The Art of Effective conversation.
Hint: Women like to be perceived as "strong" 

    2.  Appear & Smell Clean.
A clean t-shirt, baggy shorts, and white socks is a good-to-go starter kit, a lightly fragrant deodorant can do the trick. Girls like guys who smell good, as much as they dislike that high concentration of your body odor, the aren't looking to choking on the fragrance of deodorant so it's ideal to keep the concentration of your deodorant in check. Plus, looking fresh and clean goes a long way to boost your confidence if you have approach anxiety. Here are some remedy for dealing with approach anxiety.

    3. Compliment On Her Dedication not Her Body.
When confronted with the option to compliment her, always go choose the her dedication to her routine over body. If you just want to play around a little her outfit should be even complimented in place of her body, as females as sensitive towards their physical appearance. And for a girl at the gym she must have received countless compliments on her fitness, she also expects everyone to do the same. It's known as the "Hot Woman Syndrome". So, you should be looking to complimenting something different, and going for the outfit should earn you points. Though commenting on her energy and commitment might earn you more points.

    4.  Socialize.
A good way to go about socializing with her involves asking for help from her if you guys are working out close to each other, like helping you pass the dumbbell. A good conversation starter could be asking about her work-out routine, it would turn out fun if you also volunteer to workout together using her routine. You'll be surprised how fun this would turn out.

    5.  Impress With Your Personality, Not Your Pecs.
Seize trying to impress her by heavy lifting, chances are she might not notice you because of her lack of attention. By lifting heavy weight beyond your threshold you may be exposing yourself to injuries and embarrassment. So if you are truly interested in her you should make the move, walk up to her and talk her. That's the gentle man's way. Make your interest come across as genuine, she's probably used to desperate jerks.

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