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Breaking the touch barrier doesn't seem like a big deal. But it's a true thing to say, women sometimes tend to be hephaphobic around strangers, mostly that of the opposite sex. But once you establish physical contact in that relationship with them, there is no turning back. Because from that point it will be expected and welcomed.

As you begin conversation with a woman you start out at a short distance from one another. As you continue your conversation, you want to move closer to her. But it's important she initiates the closeness. Because coming aggressive will only make her put up her defenses. And trust me, there's 0% chance you'll like it.

She needs to feel comfortable around you before letting you in too close. If she eventually leans towards you to tell you something, you should take the chance to get closer to her and close the distance. That's a pretty cool way get closer without coming too strong. And also during conversation if she touches you on the arm, you are free to touch back. Keep the touches clean.Touching doesn't always have to be sexual in nature. In fact, it is the innocent touching that is specifically to break the touch barrier.

Take an instance, if a female friend of mine introduces me to a girl I find attractive. I open my arms as if to give a hug, unless they hate all of mankind, they will oblige the hug. When another female introduces you to another, you have already passed the “female test” and are thought of as a good guy, so while this hug may seem innocent and friendly to them, we are setting her up for later. If she does turn you down for the hug tell her, “Don’t leave me hanging here, at least give me a high five.”.

Any time you are about to take a walk with a woman give her your arm and say, “Shall we?” She will respond by grabbing onto your arm. You can also just grab her hand as to lead her through the crowd. This allows you to be touching her while taking charge in a dominant way.

In that progression the innocent touching will soon lead to kissing. Once she begins to touch you, you need to be able to repond, and return the favour without hesitating.

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