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Body language is said to be the most important factor when approaching women, as women are really sensitive to it. A woman literally smell low self-esteem from a thousand miles. And it's a huge turn-off. It's certainly not about coming up with a killer opening line. If you are one of my brothers who think, it's all about that killer pick-up line, you certainly need a rethink. I'm not saying that pick-up lines are useless, but you need a confident body language to go with.

Note: The non-verbal has more influence on your approach than the verbal. But in alliance, they are unstoppable.

When meeting a woman for the first time, it takes less than 5 minutes to build 90% of her opinion about you. And that's called her "first impression of you". Every second in this 5 minutes determines if should want to talk to you some other time, or you're just a fail course like the hundreds of men she has me in the past. But a firm body language goes a long way. A research conducted by James Borg, even went as far as to suggest that body language makes up 93% of human communication. Leaving your "big talk" with just 7%.


Now, that's a flawless victory. One key to boosting your body language is make it flow naturally, without pretending to be someone else. But you know how the saying goes, you can always "fake it till you make it".

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