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"Texting", the most useful and interesting part of the Phone Game. It can also be said to be my favorite means of communication, mostly with members of the opposite sex. It just has a way of going beyond thresholds. All the awkwardness of a face-to-face conversation falls apart when you pull out your phone for a text convo. But the know-how is key. In this post we'll be sharing valuable secrets to help you step up your Text-Game .

    1.Text her within 24 hours of getting her number. (Always)
A woman who's "into" you wants to hear from you. Reaching out to her via text, has a way of reinforcing your interest in her and that she made a genuine impression on you. When in doubt, a simple and personal message is always best. Just tell her you had a good time and if you want, reference something funny from your interaction (an inside joke is key).

    2.  Keep your texts short and interesting.
Do not go for in-depth conversations until you’ve gone on a few dates. As texting is a poor way to really get to know someone. Your text should spark emotions and make connections. Subtle flirting is powerful, as long as it's kept light and fun.

    3. More Statements, Less Questioning.
Ofcourse! It's a conversation and not some kind of investigation. You should be a gentleman not a private investigator. So bombarding her with questions might make your conversation over text seem like an interrogation. And will end up making her feel uncomfortable. So, more statements and occasional question is advisable. This should also apply to your interactions on a date.
NB: Go your natural style and add a dash of spice when talking to her.

    4. Text her to get her out on a date.
Guys spend too much me trying to create a connection over text, when they should be saving it for the date. Suggest getting together within a few messages back and forth. No texting-for-weeks-and-no‐solid-plans bull$hit, that's how you get your a$s in the dreaded zone, "the Friend Zone".

    5. Avoid boring texts.
If you don't have anything of value to say don't say it, The most effective way of avoiding the friendzone is by avoiding boring and meaningless conversations via text. Your texts should spark emotions and feelings of connection. If the text you're about to send won't spark any emotion or connection, you have to abort it. Each text should have a purpose: either to get her laughing, to relate to her, to flirt, or especially to get her on a date!

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