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Using Negatives to make better Pictures (Negs) | Cupidiffy

If used correctly, negative comments can be very powerful in an advantageous manner. Negs are comments directed at comments, that appear nice enough on the surface, but mean spirited in their meaning.
For example, tell a girl she reminds you of your baby sister. We have all heard the saying before, “You’re like a brother to me.” We all know how much of a vibe killer the "brother" word is coming from a female you're attracted to. It's called the "brother zone". Turn the tables on her instead.

Telling the her she reminds you of your baby sister is essentially telling her that she is immature, you are not so into her, and she is a pain in your ass. It depends on how you come across when you say it. If you come across in a fun, joking matter, you are role playing. If you come across saying she reminds you of a sister, therefore you are not attracted to her, it is a neg.

My favorite neg is to tell the women…

Be A Lover (Appreciate Her) | Cupidiffy

For some reason many men are stingy with their approval. They feel giving it away makes them needy somehow. But your approval is like currency. If you never spend it then it is the same as not having any. Showing your appreciation is how you move your relationship with a woman from strangers to lovers. At each step you show a new level of appreciation.

A woman is turned on by your appreciation for her. She feels appreciated when you tell her you like that dress she wore specially for you. She becomes infatuated when you laugh at her funny dancing. She becomes excited when you find her smile incredibly sexy.

The key to appreciation is that it must appear genuine to her. READ: Genuine Interest Over Desperate Ones. An attractive woman can be unexpressive. Her uniqueness is locked inside. If you appreciate her when she feels she is not putting herself out there than she will devalue you for appreciating her for nothing. For her it takes a bit more. You make her put some effort int…

She's Flirting with You (check for these sign) | Cupidiffy

There are easy ways to know right away if a woman is flirting with you. Now, I do not believe in waiting for signs before I make the big move. When you consider approaching a woman the only thing you need to think is, "I am interested in her and want to know more". Once you get into a conversation with her, it can be difficult to spot her flirting. You can might want to know why I insist that if a woman is being too friendly towards you, she most probably not interested in you but I'll visit that on another article. Stay tuned! Seeing the above signs get away and get over this woman, with your self-esteem intact. To spot her flirting with you her are some signs you should be looking out for.

1. Body Language: When women attracted to someone, they tend to stumble over their words and fidget. We all get nervous. Look for where those feet are pointing, and notice the fixed gaze and hair caressing.

2. Conversation: When attracted to a man, women are often fascinated by anythi…

Genuine Interest Over A Desperate Ones | Cupidiffy

No man would pick up a mannequin, not even because of the sleek curves it possesses. Plus the dates will be boring. But that is what an attractive woman thinks most men will settle for. She believes that all she has to do is show up and men will drool. READ: The "Hot Woman" Situation.
It's essential you portray yourself to be a desirable man who seems interested in the unique qualities of a woman and not generically interested in women (mere legs, lips and butts). An attractive woman is very good at figuring out which you care about. She is so obsessed with it that she has developed a habitual deceptive appearance to test you. She wants to know if you will settle for the window dressing or will you demand more.

Surprisingly, showing the proper type of interest is largely a timing issue.

When it comes to Pick-Up, you should be interested. But being too interested is sinful. Especially at the beginning of an interaction. It's okay if she is involved and putti…

Too Much Game = No Game | Cupidiffy

Too much game will only ruin your chances with women, just like too much of everything is considered bad. Yet often times men get carried away with the so-called "game", being so charming that they lose the woman's interest. Women love the thrill, the banter, the teasing, all of that. It's fun, but not when it's out of control. They need something substantial to hold on to or they'll move on.

Introducing yourself by teasing her, telling fascinating stories and your use of those sleek lines can only keep a woman interested for sometime time. It's sad that most men, in their bid to create connection with women, only turn out to entertain them. It's obvious she'll get bubbly and excited. But the amount of ingenuity portrayed by "too much game" coming from you, leaves her dying for you to actually want her, and at the end of the day no connection is achieved. And once you're separated from her, she probably forgets she ever met you. No i…