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The "Hot Woman" situation | Cupidiffy

Hot women have been deprived of genuine interest. Guys act creepy and fake around them. They are rarely encountered by men willing to bring to the surface their real potentials. Because all that goes through his mind is "the hit". And trust me, that's a very wrong drive for wooing women. She builds her defenses. Far away from reach, to keep these jerks off.

To make matters worse they are rewarded for being fake, and consequently placed on pedestal of false worship which obviously fades away after "the hit". And she knows her place on the pedestal is temporary, so she enjoys her reward while it lasts. Giving up on the thoughts of genuine interests.

Low self esteem guys are willing to accept any of her behavior just for her looks. They buy her expensive things, and kiss her a$s because they feel lucky just being in her company. She considers their hand outs unfulfilling and shallow. This is not what she want, but what's she supposed to do but conform to this…

How To: Dealing with Melancholy | Cupidiffy

Melancholy is a temperament synonymous to desolation, sadness and sorrow. It can easily be said to be a pensive sadness with no obvious reason, therefore differentiating melancholy from depression, which is a mental response to external stress inducing factors. Melancholy comes from inside and the causes are inherent. The causes are most biological, ranging from chemical imbalances in the brain, to genetics. It has also been associated with bipolar disorder 1 & 2.

A melancholic person is most likely to find difficulties reacting to pleasant events. He/She may also experience unusually obvious peak in depression, with no logical reason. You should also look out for occasional thoughts of suicide as it's also a symptom of melancholy.
Although, as mentioned earlier melancholy is mostly caused by biological factors, the social treatment is quite effective at containing it. Having an active social life gives a reasonable head-start for the containment and can help combat the adver…

Using Negatives to make better Pictures (Negs) | Cupidiffy

If used correctly, negative comments can be very powerful in an advantageous manner. Negs are comments directed at comments, that appear nice enough on the surface, but mean spirited in their meaning.
For example, tell a girl she reminds you of your baby sister. We have all heard the saying before, “You’re like a brother to me.” We all know how much of a vibe killer the "brother" word is coming from a female you're attracted to. It's called the "brother zone". Turn the tables on her instead.

Telling the her she reminds you of your baby sister is essentially telling her that she is immature, you are not so into her, and she is a pain in your ass. It depends on how you come across when you say it. If you come across in a fun, joking matter, you are role playing. If you come across saying she reminds you of a sister, therefore you are not attracted to her, it is a neg.

My favorite neg is to tell the women…

Be A Lover (Appreciate Her) | Cupidiffy

For some reason many men are stingy with their approval. They feel giving it away makes them needy somehow. But your approval is like currency. If you never spend it then it is the same as not having any. Showing your appreciation is how you move your relationship with a woman from strangers to lovers. At each step you show a new level of appreciation.

A woman is turned on by your appreciation for her. She feels appreciated when you tell her you like that dress she wore specially for you. She becomes infatuated when you laugh at her funny dancing. She becomes excited when you find her smile incredibly sexy.

The key to appreciation is that it must appear genuine to her. READ: Genuine Interest Over Desperate Ones. An attractive woman can be unexpressive. Her uniqueness is locked inside. If you appreciate her when she feels she is not putting herself out there than she will devalue you for appreciating her for nothing. For her it takes a bit more. You make her put some effort into …